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Mental Health Blog / Wednesday, August 14th, 2019

Encountering stress is a normal side effect of life. In small doses, stress can even be good for you; stress can motivate us to be more productive and active in our lives. However, there is, like everything, a line. When does stress negatively impact us? And how can we identify this shift?

Negative symptoms of stress can include the following:

Hair Loss


Loss of Appetite




Mood Swings


These are just a few symptoms, and of course, there are no guidelines for this. You may not experience any of these symptoms; you may experience only a select few, even just one. Do not ignore signs of stress negatively impacting you. Even if the only indicator is frequent headaches, this is still not normal for your body to experience. You need to address this.

There are many ways to address the levels of stress you experience with aims to reduce them. For instance, some practice meditation, setting aside a set amount of time a day to focus on yourself, your body, and calming different areas of your body, both within your mind and psychical body. We can hold stress in us without even realizing. Only when you begin to practice meditation will you understand how much physical and mental tensions can build up to due stress.

Meditation is not for everyone. There are other ways of bringing yourself back to the calm, regulated state of being that we should be feeling. Some people enjoy practical methods that get their bodies in motion. Physically working through stress can be just as beneficial as mental work. Gardening and exercise are some of the favoured activities when dealing with stress. Being outside in nature may seem cliched, but it is essential when trying to return to a natural calm state.

Tending to a garden can help you feel proactive, and the feeling of nurturing something to grow allows you to feel pride and confidence in your abilities. Exercise may seem daunting, but psychical exertion leads to a release of endorphins that help you to feel better, more energised, and prepared to deals with the challenges life presents. Working your body can aid the visualisation of taking the stress from your body and throwing it away; walking through it and getting to the other side feeling more relaxed and sure of yourself.

If you find yourself dealing with severe levels of stress; or things are just starting to pile up, and you’re noticing a change within yourself and your ability to cope, please contact me. We all experience stress, and yes, it is natural, but having it impact on your ability to live is not. Please reach out so that we, may begin the process of finding a healthy way to deal with stress that suits you.

Don’t be discouraged if you have tried any of the above to no avail. Stress is different for everyone, and so are the ways we cope with it. I will work with you until we find the right way to aid you in combatting stress in a positive and healthy way.

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