Loneliness and Isolation

Mental Health Blog / Wednesday, August 7th, 2019

We are all familiar with loneliness. We all experience it at some point during our lives. But we as humans desire interaction, whether often or in small doses, company and meaningful connections matter to us.
In Ireland, the amount of people experiencing loneliness and isolation is rising. We don’t always give ourselves the chance to combat loneliness in our busy everyday lives; sometimes, we can feel as though we are falling off of the radar. There may be many people who speak with you throughout your day, and you may still feel alone.
This is a rational reaction. Not all interactions throughout our day are meaningful; in fact, most are reflexive. You work with these people, why wouldn’t you speak with them? But that doesn’t mean it needs to fulfill your need for human connection.
There are ways to overcome these feelings, it may be hard at first, and it does take effort. But we as humans are resilient. I believe we each deserve to feel connected, even if to just one other person. It aids us in many ways allows us to feel secure and confident.
Lack of this type of interaction and connection is what leads to unwanted feelings of extended loneliness and isolation. This brings its own consequences.
We can develop symptoms such as:
Lack of appetite
Lack of motivation
Low self-esteem
While loneliness is inevitable at times, if you experience these feelings for extended periods; or you begin to exhibit any symptoms listed above, then please contact me. I will talk you through developing and identifying meaningful connections that will prevent loneliness.
We will also explore activities that are known to help in preventing feelings of isolation.
These include getting outside, joining a club, starting a social hobby, or even getting a pet!
There are so many ways to help prevent loneliness and isolation, and I am here to go through them with you and find what suits you best. Please contact me for professional and confidential advice on this matter, as well as many others.

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