Identifying Anxiety and Depression

Mental Health Blog / Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Have you ever wondered why your heart starts to beat faster in certain situations? Maybe you put it off as nerves. Do you ever find yourself searching for motivation to do the simplest tasks, such as getting out of bed or showering? And are you then feeling awful and foolish for not being able?

You may be suffering from anxiety or depression, or both. First off, even if you think you’re being ‘stupid’ or write these feelings off; please know they are valid, and they are real. Just because you may have no apparent reason for feeling this way that does not mean you need to push through alone like everything is alright. These examples, however, are quite a cliche, and you may not experience these specifically. Perhaps you suffer differently.

The main point is, if anything is preventing you from living your day to day life, it’s possible you could be suffering from mental health issues. If you are unable to break out of your head or find yourself questioning what is wrong when there seems to be nothing there, it is worth having a look into therapy.

Therapy is different for everyone, just as experiencing anxiety and depression is. I will work with you to find ways to cope with everyday life. We will also try to get to the root of your problems and sort through them in a positive and open environment where every effort will be made to make you feel comfortable and safe.

Then we can begin to try new ways of thinking and viewing your problems; as well as ways to overcome them. If you feel you may be experiencing any difficulty in life, then please don’t hesitate to contact me. I know it’s hard to realise you need help, but that’s what I’m here for, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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