Addressing Low Self-Esteem

Mental Health Blog / Monday, July 15th, 2019

Self-esteem is often something we see people targeting. In today’s environment, especially within younger generations, self-deprecating humour is common and popular.

 Now, this isn’t necessarily the issue. This type of humour can be harmless and fun when those making the jokes don’t believe them. But often these jokes are used to hide the very insecurities they point out.

Confidence in our value is something that determines how we live our lives. If I know that I am deserving of love and kindness then I will not accept anything less. But if someone has an image in their head that they are worth less than others, that they don’t deserve as much; they are much more likely to put up with unsatisfactory situations. As a result, low self-esteem can lead to a deterioration of mental health.

What are the common signs of low self-esteem?

– Feelings of being less than/ deficient in some way

– Considering yourself to be undesirable or unattractive

– Doubting your ability to participate and succeed

– Ruminating on past failures

Low self-esteem affects many aspects of life, it can hold you back at school, in relationships, and in your career.

Often those with low self-esteem find themselves becoming stuck with no motivation to remove themselves from this negative spiral.

If you are suffering from low self-esteem and can’t find a way to pull yourself out of this unhealthy mindset affecting your life, please contact me.

I will work with you to dispel negative patterns of thinking that always end in the same place of self-blame and feeling insufficient.

It is hard to change a way of thinking that may have been embedded from a young age, often within our teenage years. But the outcome is worth the struggle.

I will assist you in recognizing your achievements and self-worth. Though this may seem impossible or daunting right now it is achievable.

I understand also that you might not see the point in investing in yourself. Surely you can recognize that those thoughts are the very reason you should seek help?

Please reach out to me and, working together, we will begin to analyze the severity of your self-esteem issues as well as the root from which it stems. Remember this is a marathon, not a race, just making the move to seek therapy is the first step in the direction towards realizing your worth. I look forward to hearing from you.

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